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le 6 décembre 2013 à 19:19
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INSEEC participated in the Access Master’s Tour event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 23 November 2013. The tour provides many options for students in business and management at different stages of their research through thematic workshops and customised one-to one meetings. INSEEC was among the top international business schools that were represented to recruit local talents for their specialised programmes. The tour offered business students a unique opportunity to find the right studies programme that will allow them to pursue their educational and professional career.

INSEEC was represented at Dubai Access Master’s Day by Dr Amir Dhia, Dean of Studies of MSc & MBA programmes in Paris, where he provided the candidates with important information regarding business studies at INSEEC as well as guidance on their career orientation.

In line with the event, Olivier Guillet, Director of the International Division at INSEEC, was interviewed by the popular Gulf News daily in U.A.E. The full interview is at:

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