INTI Map Design

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le 10 février 2014 à 14:07
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Don’t miss the upcoming digital book presentation on 18th February at INSEEC at 6.30PM (Vellefaux Site):

“INTI Design Map, 101 Signature fashion designers”, with Laureano Mon and Sebastián Rodríguez of Buenos Aires' Observatorio de Tendencias.

This book reveals the identity of Argentine design, analyzing the innovative work of 101 fashion designers from across the country. How do the influences of the country’s geographical, symbolic and cultural realities come through in the clothing? What pool of skills, techniques and trades passed on to contemporary designers can be seen with modern twist in their work? What are the predominant languages of creativity in Argentina? What fibres and textiles characteristically represent our identity? What approach do Argentine designers take toward their work? Why are national signature fashion designers synonymous with innovation and originality?