A conference dedicated to Dior

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le 14 janvier 2015 à 17:46
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Last month, Gary Pinagot, Digital Communication Manager of Christian Dior Couture gave a lecture to students of the MSc Fashion Marketing, Design & Brand Strategies at INSEEC MSc & MBA in Paris. Organized by Maurizio SERENA, Program Director, the event was intended to draw out the digital strategy of this prestigious Maison De Haute Couture that embodies the elegance and French luxury around the world since 1947.

During the conference, Gary Pinagot emphasized various topics: after describing the new trends in social marketing, and focusing on the role of the digital in the luxury sector, he then pointed out the digital strategy of Christian Dior Couture through case studies and practical examples.

The Digital Communication expert highlighted the importance of social networks and explained how the Christian Dior Couture brand has taken over these communication platforms to increase its reputation in France and abroad with the aim to generate more and more traffic towards the corporate website, the traditional stores as well as e-shops. Gary Pinagot also asserted that a relevant digital strategy must be in line with the brand’s identity and must necessarily include suitable formats such as video and photo that are the most frequently used in the fashion media and luxury industry. According to him, a successful digital communication strategy must be related to the creation of an adequate visual content on Instagram, Pinterest or even Tumblr, with the use of #hashtags and other appropriate keywords.

The Manager of Digital Communication of Christian Dior Couture also described many key aspects which represent the most significant strategy of a luxury brand on Internet and social networks. He mentioned the emergence of online PR as well as blogs he considers both as real levers of influence.

At the end, Gary Pinagot provided valuable advice to students in order to succeed in their careers in the fields of digital communication and marketing.